I Believe I Can Slim

Online Campaign

Launch : 5 september 2016

When Tao Kae Noi introduces the new Big Sheet , which cost only 60 Calories per package, to the market, it wants to make sure this outstanding concept of being a healthy snack registered in consumer’s mind. It launches “I believe I can slim” website to provide information and tips about health to target consumers. Not only the standardize articles that released out from the brand, visitors can also generate their own content about health and win certain reward from the brand.

Launch Project

Tao Kae Noi also initiated its first website campaign, “Hunfit Hundee”, the campaign that search for a moderate to big size person who wishes to transform their bodies to have a good body shape again.

Clip Video

To create campaign awareness, specialized influencers are used to enhance its visibility. Each influencers contain a very unique followers that can potentially join the campaign.